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"God designed marriage to be the most intimate of all human relationships. Courtship2Covenant provides a great tool for finding a partner who shares your faith and values. I strongly recommend this site for Keralite Pentecostals looking for committed and intimate relationships in marriage."

Thomas Idiculla, PhD

"God employs various avenues for individuals to meet their potential spouse. Courtship 2 covenant serves as an excellent platform where Christian singles, who prioritize spiritual values, can connect with their significant others. I strongly endorse this website and suggest it as a valuable resource."

Pastor Finney Thomas

Church of God, USA - North East Region
"Finding a suitable, born again believer as your life partner requires many reliable sources of help. Courtship2covenant emerged as a result of feeling the need to provide the right platform for aspiring young people to find a or the right life partner. I believe this site would be so beneficial for eligible people to connect with right believers to begin courting that would eventually lead them to marriage."

Pastor Jacob Mathew

IPC Orlando, Florida
"The need for a matrimonial site for born again, baptized believers is immense. In today’s digital world, the internet is the new hangout place to meet people and Courtship2Covenant serves to meet this need. I personally know the creators of this website. They have a God-given burden to see successful, God-honoring marriages. This website is a direct result of this burden. I highly recommend this site."

Pastor Freddy Thomas

Hope Church, Philadelphia, PA

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