Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I register my profile for free on C2C?

Being a tightly-knit community, even sharing just your name and location, or a photo and location, can make it easy for anyone to locate you. Therefore, to honor your privacy and to protect your identity, there will be a one-time fee of US$14.99.

2. Can I register a profile for my son, daughter, parent, sibling, or friend?

Yes, you can register a profile on behalf of your son, daughter, sibling, or friend, as long as you have their consent to create and manage the profile on their behalf. While creating the profile, please answer the question ‘Profile Created By’ accurately.

It's important to ensure that you adhere to the terms and conditions of Courtship2Covenant and respect the privacy and preferences of the individual for whom you are registering the profile.

3. Can a non-member see my profile?

No. We prioritize the privacy of our members, which is why only registered members have access to view profiles. To maintain this privacy and security, we do not offer a trial membership.

4. How do I know my profile information and photos are secure?

We only request personally identifiable information (PII) when necessary for the optimal functioning of the website. The majority of information shared on this platform is readily accessible in the public domain. However, we prioritize the safeguarding of your provided information and are fully committed to its protection. To achieve this, we have implemented a security layer with encryption on both our website and database. Our database is hosted in the USA and is encrypted to ensure data security.

5. Can I decline or block a member who has contacted me through the site?

Yes, Autonomy is a significant aspect of Courtship2Covenant. It empowers you with full control over your profile, enabling you to dictate who can contact you or view your profile..

6. I forgot my profile ID/password. What should I do?

Your profile ID will be your registered email. Please contact our customer service at for any assistance.

7. How do I change my password?

To update their password, a member can navigate to their Profile settings or reset from the login screen. Alternatively, they can request a password update link by sending an email to

8. What are the payment options available?

Currently, there is only a one-time membership fee, which can be paid through PayPal.

9. How is C2C different from other matrimonial sites?

C2C is specifically designed to:
     - 1. Cater to the Keralite community who are born-again and immersion-baptized.
     - 2. Foster Christ-Centered relationships.
     - 3. Provide users with full autonomy throughout the entire process.
     - 4. Implement an internal validation process to ensure the availability of accurate and reliable member profiles.

10. How do I know the authenticity of member profiles?

Authenticity of member profiles is important to us. Admin team will be monitoring all profiles created in the website to ensure we have authentic profiles. For this very reason, we also had to enforce one-time payment. Shortly, we will be including third-party validation of the profiles.

11. How are my matches generated?

At Courtship2Covenant, we utilize a Hybrid Approach that combines various algorithms, including content-based filtering and personality matching, to generate compatible matches.

12. What are the profile settings?

Within the profile settings, members have access to a range of options to personalize and manage their profile information. These include features such as customizing their Display Name, uploading and managing Profile Photos, creating a detailed Personality Profile, setting their Matching Preferences, and configuring their Notification Preferences.

13. How do I view profiles that I like?

By clicking the 'Bookmark' button on profiles that you find appealing, they are added to your favorites. It's important to note that the other person will not be notified when you bookmark them. If you want to express your interest and let someone know that you like their profile, simply click the 'Send Interest' button.

14. How do I contact customer services?

Please email inquiries/questions/concerns to

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