About us

Building a Christ-Centered Marriage

Courtship 2 Covenant is unique in its formation where it is specifically designed for the Born Again Christian Keralite community. Our platform provide members the autonomy of finding their future spouse, while keeping with the Keralite Christian values. As transparency and honesty are fundamental components to our core values, it is encouraged that each member is able to live out these values while on our site. An additional feature to our site is that we provide a platform that prepares an individual in their journey towards a Christ-centered marriage.

Our Mission

Courtship 2 Covenant exists to provide a platform for individuals who are ready to begin the process of entering into marriage, where the opportunity to discover, assess, and evaluate their compatibility for potential commitment is found. Our desire is that every individual would seek to find “the one whom my soul loves” Song of Solomon 3:4. The intent is to have our members walk away with an increased awareness of what a Christ centered relationship looks and feels like.

Our Vision

According to Biblical design, we envision individuals to step into a covenant relationship, reaching the goal of a Christ-centered marriage. It is truly to know their Master, understand their Mission, and find their Mate by joining together for the purpose of bringing Glory to His name.

Christ-Centered Relationship


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